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Q&A about the ExoRobot noac - What are the most frequently asked questions?

“Does it even fit on the operating table or is it not too big? It looks so voluminous. And we always have so much equipment lying around.”

noac is slimmer than he looks 😉 ! 
It has a width of only 50 cm. 
The average shoulder width is 40 cm for women and 52.5 cm for men. 
So noac requires exactly the same space as you do at the operating table.

noac is more maneuverable than a sports car!
It not only has an elegant rear like the Porsche Panamera, but also special tires and sports steering.

You can use the joystick to control and move noac on the operating table with millimeter precision. With its Mecanum rollers it can be moved omnidirectionally, i.e. in all directions, even around its own axis. With noac you can park perfectly between the C-arm and the microscope.

“What a relief – I was able to perform the complete anastomosis comfortably while sitting in a standing surgical situation!”
Even in cardiac surgeries where the ECMO is located behind the operator, noac has enough space. 


“How does sterility work?”

Put the jacket on over your surgical tunic like a backpack.
Then you will wash yourself surgically and put your sterile surgical gown over it as usual. In the meantime, the side supports were covered with a sterile cover by the surgical specialist. You simply get into noac and are connected to the ExoRobot via a magnet. 

“How long is the setup time?”

noac is the sports car in the operating room for high performers 😀! The average duration of noac's pit stop is 60 seconds to put on the sterile covers and put on the jacket. 

A pit stop in Formula 1 lasts between 2 and 72 seconds. How long does it take you at noac? The Challenge starts!

“Footswitch – where do I put it? Is there enough space on the platform for me?”

Shifting and pedals are part of every sports car! The noac therefore includes 2 foot pedal shelves.  These can be attached to the front or side of the platform, depending on space requirements. Then place your foot switches on it so that it doesn't slip.

Pedal racks both Q.jpg
 “How do I use the ExoRobot?”

Do you prefer a self-driver or a chauffeur?

This question does not arise with noac. You can operate all functions yourself or delegate them to the OTA.

With your foot you operate functions that you  use most often,

Handsfree thanks to the foot buttons on the back. This allows you to control the belt retraction and the height and inclination of the column using sensors.


All other functions can be operated using the sterile covered function keys and joysticks, which are integrated into the side support.


Alternatively, the OTA can select all functions in a non-sterile manner using the removable control panel and position the noac according to your wishes.

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