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Good reasons speak
for an investment in noac.

In times of shortage of skilled workers, but also from the perspective of patient safety, hospitals must support their surgeons in being able to work without pain and strain. In three quarters of all surgeries, surgeons have to assume postures that lead to fatigue and pain for many hours. Surgical accuracy suffers and the result is often costly treatment errors and even longer surgeries.

By 2030, it is expected that approximately one in four surgical jobs in German hospitals will remain unfilled, as prospective physicians are less willing to take on the physical strain (40% of surgeons take painkillers on a permanent basis) and the pressure of long procedures with often unfavorable working hours. High potentials are dropping out at the peak of their careers. This becomes a real problem as the number of necessary surgeries increases by 2-3% annually. For hospitals, the looming shortage of physicians means bed vacancies and lost revenue.

With noac, surgeons can be provided with an attractive, pain-free workplace that significantly increases the attractiveness of hospitals as employers. At the same time, the precision
of interventions is increased due to reduced fatigue and the risk of expensive and risky errors for the patient is reduced, which ultimately results in better profitability for the clinic.

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