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Expertise in robotic surgery

The RoboPro Master Training is a comprehensive education and training program that enables surgeons to take their expertise in robotic-assisted surgery to an advanced level.


RoboPro-Master training


  • Theoretical training 

  • Skills training in the cohort 

  • Individual one-to-one training

  • Proof of expertise

  • Process optimization after implementation 




The aim is to train participants to successfully integrate robotic technology into their clinic.






Agenda RoboPro-Master training




Theoretical basics


  • Introduction to robot-assisted surgery

  • Ergonomic basics 

  • Legal framework for the use of robotics in the operating room

  • Studies on the outcome of patients after robot-assisted surgery: analysis of case studies and research results.




Skills training


  • Open surgery and minimally invasive surgery:

  • Skill training under the guidance of experienced instructors to improve robotic surgical skills

  • Optimization in different settings: Individual training to adapt techniques to specific patient cases and surgical scenarios.

  • Training in the cohort

  • Individual coaching and mentoring :

  • Targeted feedback and support to further develop individual skills.






Proof of further training and expertise


  • Independent performance of robotic operation with the RoboCockpit noac surgical robot

  • Validation of acquired skills through documented interventions.

  • Introduction to the daily use of the RoboCockpit: 

Training in the efficient use of the technology in everyday clinical practice.

  • Post-implementation phase: follow-up to optimize processes and techniques after implementation of the robotic technology.

  • Networking in the RoboCockpit community:

Exchange of best practices and experiences with other surgeons to continuous improvement of performance.

Formal requirements


The RoboPro-Master training course requires participants to register and regularly attend the training modules. Completion of the training is confirmed by a certificate of successful completion of independent robotic surgery.


This structured training plan offers participants the opportunity to expand their expertise in robotic-assisted surgery in a targeted manner and to develop into professional users of the technology.

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