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German Surgery Congress 2023

Learning and healing together
Become a reference center and experience how you can operate comfortably!

Dear surgeons,

You know what it's like after long hours at the operating table: your back hurts, your legs are tired, your shoulders and neck are tense.

With noac, the exoskeleton for fatigue-free surgery, you are entering a new, pain-free era.

And you can do it in just a few weeks by becoming one of our reference centers.

So bring the workplace of the future into your OR free of charge. See the benefits for yourself and be one of the technological pioneers in surgery.

Selection is based on specific criteria such as region, specialty, etc., as well as compliance guidelines.

Why Prof. Dr. Krämer uses noac in the operating room:
SWR Aktuell 23.02.23
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Reference Center Women's Clinic UK Tübingen

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Apply as a reference center here or directly at our booth FEG.23!

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Hellstern medical GmbH


Stand FEG.23 


German Surgery Congress


26-28 April 2023

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